Basically What I’m Saying is I Suk at Launching

The whole concept of being a “tweakologer” came to me in a phone call with one of my phenomenally smart siblings. (We also decided that calling my students “tweakers” was a bad idea).

But the basic idea is this: I can help you take good ideas and make them better. A tweak here, a tweak there, pretty soon you’ve got a really awesome project!

It works the other way, too. If there’s a path to launch, I’ll lay it out. If there’s a path to awesome, I’ll work up a bid and work with you to make it even more fabulous. If your return on investment isn’t there, I’ll be frank about it.

Mostly I’ll collect here my take on things you can do (or I can help you do) to take your idea from good to great. Even if it took me a couple of years to finally launch my site.

Lorena, Chief Tweakologer
Tweak This, Not That
April 2017