What’s in a logo?

I had vague, but lofty ideas when I started Tweak This, Not That. A bit of writing, a bit of editing, and some thoughts of freelancing as a generalized specialist. I am full of good ideas. I want to help people nurture their ideas from (cliche warning) good to great.

Writing Little Red Hearts, working with my startup buddies, and finding my fit has got me firmly planted on this path. I like being in the startup world, random lunches, new tools and architecture, and brainstorming what’s going wrong until we make things bright.

So now, nearly three years in, the logo. The idea. The path. The plan. Whether you’re starting a new company or rebooting your current one, come on down. We’ll get that book written or ghostwritten. We’ll put together long authoritative articles your customers and potential competitors will read and learn from. Short blog posts that drop in a little bit of something your audience needs to know. A structured how to guide.

Or even a little celebratory jot like this. Come on down and chat sometime.